Olive / Kahn – Two Sunrise (CD 845 Audio) 


On Tim Olive’s own label 845 audio the electro-acoustic wizard again releases a collaboration, this time 4 new improvisations from Olive together with Jason Kahn. They appear as four enigmatic pieces of a puzzle that seems to be going quite big, as it remains unclear after listening to Two Sunrise the questions remain unanswered, adding to the mystery Olive seems to be trying to create.

Electric musique concret, spread across 4 equally long tracks on Two Sunrise (not a spelling error, Olive pointed out that this just sounded better), reduced to its bare essence. Like on earlier works, again (static) electricity is an important ingredient here, sounding like a registration of a live brain surgery, amplified, sometimes short circuiting, resulting in a crisp textured and abrasive, uneasy listen, but it is typically what one should expect from Olive, here fully living up to the expectation. Both gentlemen created avant-noise, with lots of references to John Cage’s Cartridge Music. In an attempt to visualize claustrophobia they cover the whole spectrum from pure boredom to excitement, visiting all places that exist in their very own universe. Not the cold and harsh style like for example Russel can produce, but stuff rich with detail, nuance and sublety yet not comparable with the beautiful noise variations of his latest collaboration with Katsura Mouri.

There’s a lot going on Two Sunrise, yet every time when harmonics tend to form, they’re abrupt cut off with cracks, ticks and scratches. The impression of two gentlemen being caught up in an absurdist dueling for your electrified experience, resulting in an intriguing document that maybe could have been even more interesting, if the experiment would not have been their primary goal. However, just like aesthetics here go before grammar, it is also impression that exceeds sonic beauty. A very raw and unpolished beauty that is. PvdG.

Contact: http://845audio.org