Om Ė Advaitic Songs (CD Drag City)

When I was younger and the proliferation of new albums was not at the impossible to keep up with rate it is today you used to get albums that you would have to listen to a fair few times before they really started to make any sense or to grab your attention and demand you to listen again. And if you listened enough times youíd start to get into them and start to really get something from them. Sadly in this ever faster digital age where everyone seems to want to release every single riff they have thought of as a new album the perseverance factor has tended to be forgotten. Omís new album is a case in point. I played this through the first time and was a bit nonplussed. A couple of interesting tracks and a bit of filler I thought. But for some reason I decided to really keep on with this and have played it in most rooms of the house over and over for a good week or so. And itís been worth it.

Om have always been about more than just heavy bass riffs and drums and no where have they really shown this more than on Advaitic. Thereís a huge Eastern feel hanging over this album. God is Good their first Drag City release used instrumentation such  cello, flute and tamburaas as texture and atmosphere and here, particularly on the opener ĎAddisí, they are given prominence and a far more important place in things. 

That Eastern influence/feel permeates almost the whole album. Even a track such as ĎState of Non Returní which is very much classic Om with its distorted bass and familiar style vocal melody is given an extra dimension with the addition of some strings. The different textures and feels that are worked in throughout Advaitic make the album something to listen to as one long piece. To take individual pieces out and listen to them doesnít work as well. Itís an album to be heard all the way through almost as if it is a concept album.

Once this grabbed hold of me it was difficult to let go, itís always good to see a band that donít just rely on what has been successful in the past and continue to push themselves and move forward and Om are a prime example of that. Advaitic is a long way from Sleep. DB