ORA- Morgendammerung (10" Die Stadt)

An old one this from 2004 but I only just got it. The soft focus  cover art of sunshine and nature sets the stage for the two side-long tracks of soft soundscapes. It's all much of a muchness and smacks of releasing records just to keep putting them out. Darren Tate and Colin Potter are capable of a hell of a lot more but do tread water now and again. 

For 'The Sun sheds a Golden Tear' one of the few interesting aspects is the slightly processed sound of hiss which works well as replacing the sound of rainfall. Sure enough it's followed by distant cracks of thunder. Other than that it's rather dull. Daisuke Suzuki and the mighty Lol Coxhill figure on here but I don't hear them. It could've been by anyone. The best that could be said about the track is that it's understated. If you haven't heard this sort of thing 100 times before (all using bloody reverb) then it's listenable. Dull though, no? 

A little more interesting is the B-side, 'The Impregnable', which has more a blue whale slinking its way through dark waters feel to it. Again, reverbed to a stupid degree but I guess that's the nature of this genre of music.  

The colourful sleeve comes with an equally colourful inner sleeve of bleeding colour lines. Lovely. The record was pressed in an edition of 500; 400 on clear vinyl and 100 in black vinyl. Shrug. HM

Contact:  www.diestadtmusik.de