Angelo Petronella - Rimandi e Scoperte (CD Die Schachtel)

Placement, projection and structure appear to be key elements in Italian composer Petronella electro-acoustic compositions which bear a resemblance to the world of INA-GRM. There is space, time and balance in between the electronics and field recordings, weaving to form an odd atmosphere of stillness even while there is movement. A heightened awareness of the movement of still things maybe? 

Particularly enjoyable is the complex high frequency tones during 'Parte 2' and 'Parte 3' during which the frequencies glide from side to side, back to front, grate against each other and then compliment each other to form a constant shift in tonal relationships. Rather than piercing, it's submersive. It would be misleading to compare any parts here to a drone but the effects are equally thrilling in a science fiction sort of way. If you see what I mean. Think intensely pure light beams flashing across the dark universe, instant and persistent.  

Presented in the label's classic black and white fold-out digipak as part of their impressive Zeit Composers Series. HM