Claudio Parodi - Heavy Nichel (CD Creative Sources)

This artist, whose work is usually housed by Australia’s Extreme imprint, has been exploring a wide range of electronic ‘noise’, free improv and music derived from field recordings for many years now. Heavy Nichel, however, collects four relatively lengthy pieces derived from improvisations using a Turkish clarinet at a live performance in Genova, Italy, in 2012. My knowledge of this instrument and its use is admittedly limited, but it seems Parodi favoured noodling with it rather than perhaps working in some nods towards the more traditional refrains it is generally employed for. Whilst I love some improv and will always at least respect its language, I was hoping for something that might at least converge with the music this instrument is usually found in. To that end, and despite Parodi evidently being an adept improviser whose workouts here are still engaging enough in their own right, I have to ‘fess to being slightly disappointed with these tracks. Drawing on the instrument to create a panoply of neat rasping, wheezing and spluttering sounds occasionally clutching at melody is one thing, but actually using it to fuck with that and point towards its use in traditional dance or folk music from the country would have been something else. Can’t have everything, I guess RJ.