Hervé Perez and Martin Archer - The Inclusion Principle (CD Discus)

What you are hearing are the results of initial meeting between the two. First hour, first day. Improvised. Minimal, detailed, immaculately recorded. As such it's natural and unforced. Perez' field recordings use natural sounds as source- wood, fire, wind, rock and so on- rooting the session to nature and its counter-balance laptops and hi-tech digitals.  

The thrum and movement of objects appear natural and unforced, as if these sounds are physical objects placed on the table and have come to life as soon as Archer and Perez left the room. Good thing they left the microphones on. Things unscrew themselves, strain against the little bit of rusting, click and drop.

From there there's a trajectory that evolves and envelopes itself, growing and then falling back to the bare bones of the initial source.  

And off we go again, minor processing gives the occasional shift in understanding or perception of the familiar. Not so much a sound installation as a room in which you finally get to hear the sound that were already there, but the very elements are broken down to their basic particles forming into glitch electrics where electrons reveal themselves from within the whole. The pure resonating frequencies that lay at the heart of it all. During the final track, 'Part 4', a whispered, stuttered voice emerges from the electric field, as if these electrical charges have been given a voice. There's something of the alchemical about it as nature's music forms these things. It finally climaxes in a glorious Hallelujah of tones like car horns going berserk.

 According the bumf the title of the album was inspired by the work of Nobel Prize winning physicist Wolfgang Pauli's research into quantum mechanics and the 'Exclusion Principle.'  Micro-research adopted by musicians interested in micro sounds. 

It's a productive and worthwhile collaboration between two heavily experienced instrumentalists with an impressive sense of awareness.

 Hervé did the artwork for the sleeve which is thankfully, this time, well printed. HM

Contact: www.discus-music.co.uk