Lee Patterson - Egg Fry #2 (3" CD Cathnor)

Field recordings decide to stay indoors for the day and fry an egg. Slowly. Over the course of 15 minutes a gooey egg quietly and gradually sizzles, hisses, spits and ticks its way into a well-fried egg.

What field recordings do is turn the attention on the listener and question how we listen -or indeed ignore- all sounds around us. As a matter of survival our brains sift through all the input information and sift out what we need to take note of and what to not register. To pay attention to everything would rapidly render us insane. But we occasionally have the luxury of hearing all sounds. You don't need to hear it on cd, all you need is to sit or stand and do nothing but listen. It's overwhelming but rather exciting.

A cd of an egg frying is a means to listen. I likes it! I still don't fancy the idea of eating fried eggs though. Bleuch! Apparently this was Lee's second attempt at recording since his first attempt resulted in his cheapo microphones getting buggered. Oh dear.

The 3" cd comes neatly packaged in an oversized card wrapper. The close-up of a fried egg is rather yucky. The sound has been mastered quietly for maximum attentiveness. HM

Contact: www.cathnor.com