Claudio Parodi – Prima Del Terzo (CD Unfathomless)

The mission statement of Unfathomless Records ; To bring thematic series focusing on phonographies reflecting the spirit of a specific place crowded with memories, its aura and resonances….. And indeed again number 26 in the series is another story from the series with dark rumblings and vague microphone posturing that just like earlier reviewed releases (Kassel Jaeger, Philip Sulidae) tries to create the ultimate elusive lo-fi field recording; remote locations, desolate, romantic and frightening without ever losing sight on atmosphere.  

According to the liner notes, the idea of Parodi was to document the sounds and different silences found in the harbor of his hometown. It resulted in a symbiosis of sounds recorded when wandering empty streets whilst following links with complex caballah patterns and meanings. When reading this it felt like a paragraph almost directly stolen from Umberto Eco’s Foucault’s Pendulum.    

All though it probably is, Prima Del Terzo does not sound very studio ‘processed. It has that microphone reverb, picking up much more then maybe intended, creating an atmosphere of pure desolation. The first scenes stay true their origin, recordings of a desolate area, the sounds of water moving and air escaping. When walking even more into solitary, the scenes get more and more processed and subtle changes give things an even psychedelic aspect, but the listener is most likely not aware of that anymore by then.       

This label is very much capable of creating stuff that gets you out of your head easily, taking the listener to somewhere else, another place. Played at high volume (and there’s no other choice, as these treated field recordings are carefully transposed to disk at very low volumes) a rich plethora of details unfolds, or so it feels at least because listening in solitude to something like this it becomes hard to tell what was recorded and supposed to be heard and that what was not>whatever it was that creeped in (or not) during the journey for sure adds to the overall experience it. Observing a alienating footage of a silent world, underwater. PvdG