Paul Panhuysen - A Magic Square of 5 to Look At, A Magic Square of 5 to Listen To (CD Plinkity Plonk)

Tonal. Turn it up a little more. Fill the room with sound waves. Lines of sound form. Nodes and dips. Move your head a little, there, right there. Not quite a piercing tone, more of a incessant presence. A precision of placement and tone made possible by numbers. 

If numbers are a representative system or a model of the 'real' world (and certainly not the real world itself) then conjuring with numbers suggest possibilities that might be translated to our daily lives. An understanding of systems, symmetry, apparent coincidences that in the end reveal yet another truth. No fixed definitions except within their own system.

Numbers to make light; to make sound. Grids and structures. 5 is the number. All things to do with 5.

Parallels could be drawn to Paul's work with long-string installations. Long tones and a physical presence because these sounds are very much present in the room as the cd plays out. Initially Paul produced a 5x5 metres (magic) square floor piece for the Puddles Festival in Tokyo back in September 2003. The structure of the magic square was accompanied by a translation of the numbers into a stark, formal sound that follow the same process. Sight and sound created using an identical magic square formula.

The accompanying booklet gives a handy in-depth view of the system complete with those magic number drawings. The 31 minute album works even when it's hoiked out of the original setting and plonked into your front room. The pattern on the front cover is so bloody marvellous it's a shame the album isn't on LP. HM