Peaking Lights – Lucifer (CD on Weird World)

Bringing back again the Summer of Love. Peaking Lights’ 3rd official full length release sounds like a sundrenched tribute to the love & peace era, and that’s probably on purpose. Watching Peaking Lights live feels like watching a newly married couple discovering a tropical island….or something similar. Lucifer forms the perfect soundtrack to this idyllic technicolour scene. Whilst Aaron Coyes takes care of coordinating all programmed stuff & rhythms, Indra Dunis’ mesmerizing vocals makes the listener slowly float.  

The late 60’s messages of love and peace may sometimes start sounding lame, but the music itself builds further on 936 and further shakes off the lofi-sound of Imaginary Falcons in a convincing way. The dub tracks reminded me of Cabaret Voltaire’s Microphonies-era whilst the trippy, drug-inspired tracks sound like Chris & Cosey high on LSD. Played at loud volume, the record acts as a good trip with what I call dreamdub. A lot of repetition and reverb, easily unleashing chemical reactions in the head. Whilst the exotic rhythm of ‘Live Love’ and the easy listening of ‘Beautiful Son’ are a great start, the true fun starts with the heavy dub of ‘Cosmic Tides’ and reaches a climax on the lullaby ‘Lo Hi’.   

Again, the best way to listen to Peaking Lights is at a loud volume, or even better, experience them live. What mainly resonates afterwards for a while is the incredibly amplified bass, and if the bass doesn’t succeed in getting you into trance then Indra’s charming for sure wiggling will do. PvdG