PEEPHOLES – The Overspill! (CD Upset! the Rhythm)

I have been trying to find out what moved London duo Peepholes (Katia Barret & Nick Carlisle) to make this album. I wonder if they, when creating the music on The Overspill!, were aware of underground scenes that existed in a quite distant past where people dressed up in black, had gravity-challenging haircuts and that around these theatrical aesthetics a very distinctive music scene existed. 

Peepholes bring a lot of that movement into memory. The prominently present Gothic vocals from Katia, uncomplicated synth sequences and four-to-the-floor drum computer patterns makes the whole sound like eighties elite wave or even as a second-rate  Chris & Cosey cover act, but the nice thing is that it works. It works in a way similar to what made SPK interesting to listen to, most of the tracks are creating hypnotic brainwaves and I guess that this recycling of eighties contemporary kitsch can again entertain a present generation very well.  

The Overspill! sounds lo-fi, but in a very naïve and almost clumsy way. A bit like Italian horror movie soundtracks from the seventies acting as a precursor of the dawning industrial scene. On Living in Qatar this culminates in an almost 10 minute delirium, a Psychic TV stomp, a heavy synthesizer loop that keeps us trapped in the past. “We go out every night”, they chant. With Peepholes life can be so simple. PvdG.