Peter Perrett – How the West Was Won (CD Domino)

It's been quite a while since Peter Perrett recorded any material, you’d have to go as far back as 1996's The One. There's been gigs with the Only Ones and some solo gigs but nothing new. So this album is a welcome return to one of those songwriters who started in the 70s  and whilst critically acclaimed never really got the mainstream success they deserved.

For how The West Was Won the bands pretty much a family affair with Peter and his two sons, Jamie (lead guitar) and Peter Jr (bass) making up the main bulk of the band.

The songs themselves all written by Peter (apart from one co-written with Jamie) all have that familiar sound and style you'd associate with the albums the Only Ones released and you could put most of the songs here on any of the Only Ones three albums and none would seem out of place. There's nods to the Velvets (the opener recycling Sweet Jane's riff) and hints of later Reed work but ultimately it sounds very Peter Perrett. There's trademark Only One's stylising with the way he builds up the intensity of the music beneath his words in short burst crescendos such as on An Epic Story (the ultimate love song). The highlight of the album for me is probably Sweet Endeavour with the most catchy riff of all the songs. The album ends with Take Me Home and suitably melancholic piece to close the album winding everything down to a fitting close.

I wasn't sure what to expect from this album after 20 years with no new material but after listening to this repeatedly for several weeks I'm now hoping it's not another 20 years until the next one. DB.