Philippe Petit -  Hitch-hiking thru Bronze Mirrors (CD Aagoo)


Ten compositions by the prolific French artist who is mostly known for collaborative work with artists as diverse as Lydia Lunch, Eugene S. Robinson (Oxbow), Jad Fair, Ron Anderson, Cindytalk and Edward Ka-Spel. When not exchanging ideas with such equally disparate artists, his solo endeavours tend to largely draw from modern classical, electroacoustic, improvisation, avant-garde and electronic music yet successfully tease all this into a contemporary soundtrack setting of a more disturbed hue. His trademark minimal piano work, turntablism and electronics underpin the pieces here, although other instruments (percussion, strings, keyboard, etc.) and glass manipulations are equally utilised to an effect thatís at once subtly jarring and never afraid to get too comfortable. Thereís a neat paranoid sensibility running through most of this thatíd work wonders in a dark and twisted thriller, too. None of your saccharine crap here. RJ.