Pip - Possible Worlds (CD Sofa)

Third album from an improv trio who, using guitars, synth, electronics, trumpet and chimes, here distil their respective instruments into one lengthy piece spanning over an hour. Unobtrusive strums, spacious and gentle chords, widescreen tones and the distant wheezing and groaning of a crepuscular surge from indiscernible sources all converge to create a cosy enough blanket of sound one can just sink into without too much protest. Like so many such releases on this prolific Norwegian label, everything is marked by high standards all the way through, from the mutual intuition and openness of the players to the production and on to the sleeve design. The subdued and minimalist approach on Possible Worlds shares something with other releases with respect to the folk-ish hints which make themselves just about felt, but the balance between this and the promise of the more avant-garde tendencies sits just about right. Recommended. RJ.

Contact: www.sofamusic.no