The Pirate Ship Quintet – Rope for the no-hopers (CD Denovali)

Not really knowing how typical Bristol-rock would sound, for me this release absolutely does not sound like it. The guys from The Pirate Ship Quintet are playing a straightforward rock, very clean and all though I try to be careful with using the term classic rock, for me this comes close. On most of the tracks there is a prominent place for cello, and to make an interesting combination that works there has to be some experimentation, and that’s what primarily missing here.   

Listening a few times to this record there’s a lot of boxes that can ticked; with the shortest track spanning almost 8 minutes there’s only long tracks and they’re quite monotonic, there’s lots of guitars and effects and the tracks are essentially instrumental, however the problem is that it is not very appealing or even captivating. If only there would have been a little psychedelica thrown into the mix, this could have been a much more interesting record. Although it absolutely has got its moments, more than once I had the impression that I was listening to a karaoke CD of Metallica or some previously unreleased Dinosaur Jr b-sides.

The best moments are piled up in ‘That girl I used to live in’, the deconstruction of a love story, working towards a mush of noise with misogynistic shouting, only to retreat and make time for regret. Here things sound just a little less arranged and more genuine.

Again this release confirms that Denovali is specialized in straightforward rock, using classical instruments to give it a fake melancholy but most of the time it just gets a little bit boring. PvdG.