Pita-Get On - (LP Editions Mego)

First Pita, AKA Peter Rehberg, told us to ‘Get Down’ in 2002, then ‘Get Out’ in 2008, followed by instructions to ‘Get In’ in 2016 and now he’s telling us to ‘Get On’. It’s hard to know if these are coded messages that relate to each particular period of time, or whether it’s just a good pun, but what we do know is that ‘Get On’ is another slab of sonic experimentation which has one foot firmly on the dance floor and one in the underground.  

The most immediate track is ‘Two Top Five’. Throughout its six minute duration stark drones and pulses twine and intertwine around us, slowly dragging us toward its deep dark core. Like a carnivorous plant in a 1980s cartoon. The more we try and fight it the harder the vines wrap around us and pull us in. But it also contains some of the catchiest moments of ‘Get On’. And this is what Rehberg has always done well. Creating memorable melodies from abrasive sounds. The album closes with the slow moving monster ‘Motivation’. Here Rehberg takes his time with glacial slowness, as he builds the tension up very slowly until, at its peak, it is almost unbearable and all consuming. This is not only the standout moment of the EP, but possibly of Rehberg’s career. Here he is showing us everything he has learnt over the years and putting it all together with devastating effect.  

‘Get On’ is the most cohesive, and enjoyable, solo album that Rehberg has released to date. It shows a progression in his electronic experimentations. Everything feels more unwieldy but he hasn’t lost his ear for a melody. Whether it’s a jittering bassline or glitchy synth or just sheer noise these five songs are incredibly catchy and listenable.

By Rehberg’s track record 2023’s ‘Get Up’ should be the next in series. Let’s hope he delivers another selection of awe-inspiring everyday electronics with gnarled glitches. NR.

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