Poison Idea Darby Crash Rides Again: The Early Years (CD Southern Lord)

Poison Idea were one of those bands I often read about or saw pictures of when Id browse through Maximum Rock n Roll magazine in Rough Trade many years ago but I someone managed to never actually hear what they sounded like. Southern Lord are doing their best to correct that by releasing CD versions of the Poison Idea back catalogue that TKO records are re-releasing on vinyl.

Darby Crash Rides Again: The Early Years is the first of these and has 29 tracks from the very early years of Poison Idea. You get two sets of demos from 81 and 82, an uncut radio benefit they performed in 1983 and a bunch of outakes.

Its a pretty rough and ready bunch of tracks possibly more for the completists rather than acting as an ideal an introduction to Poison Idea. But it still manages to get across that here was the beginning of  a pretty fine hardcore band and as the album moves on, the very basic sounding pieces at the beginning start to give way to some potential classics in the making with tracks like Ugly American and Bounce the Rubble.

After waiting all these years to hear Poison Idea Im now looking forward to the rest of the reissue series. DB

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