P.O.P – Tabriz (CD Monotype)

P.O.P (Psychology of Perception) is a project by Reinhold Friedl and Hannes Strobl. On this release Reinhold not surprisingly plays, Inside Piano (see our review of this album here…), Prepared Piano and Piano. Hannes plays Electric Bass Guitar, upright bass and electronics.

The three tracks each have a brief passage of description written about the name of them each referring to a type of rug from the area the track is named after. Tabriz, Senneh and Kerman. Each passage describes the type of rug and how it looks in terms of its patterns, shading, colouring etc. and I guess that this is supposed to be reflected in the music, in how it is put together how it repeats, how it has patterns how it has shading by using dynamics etc.

From a purely personal perspective I preferred to forget about any of these intentions when listening to the sounds that have been created and to just immerse myself in the noises, textures and dynamics the pieces offered to me. Perhaps I could get more from the album by paying more attention to the philosophy and psychology behind it but I got what I needed to from listening.

The pieces are similar to each other in their construction and sound.  If you are familiar with Reinhold’s Inside Piano works you’ll be familiar with the range of sounds he can come up with from scraping piercing metallic sounds to more subtle plucking and hitting of the strings. Add to those sounds the bass of Hannes and you get a track that is easier to listen to or perhaps is less demanding of the listener. Not that there is any melody as such but the addition of sounds made by another instrument add a whole range of dynamics and subtleties you can’t get from the piano on its own.

That’s not to say it is by any means any easy listen but if you pick the right moment it can be a very rewarding one. DB.

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