Povarovo – Tchernovik (CD Denovali)


Googling this band from Russia I learnt that it comprises of 3 or 4 men that prefer to stay anonymous. What is interesting though, is that in several hits, terms like dark jazz or doomjazz are mentioned in reference to the music. Not very sure what to expect, but with a (vast suspicion) of something not very exciting, my expectations weren’t very high. What I got were 15 tracks sounding like some kind of jazz teaming up with classical music,  avoiding any kind of exciting routes that potentially lay there, potentially waiting to be explored. Only thing to imagine here are just straightforward tracks build with  clarinet, cello and double bass, only used to create a sluggishly dull ambient atmosphere, which is persistently present throughout the whole disk. A few more listens made me realize this has indeed nothing to do with doom nor jazz, and maybe also not a lot to do with classical meeting goth. It is just very easy listening and doesn’t have great difficulty in going to become easily boring as well. PvdG

Contact: www.denovali.com