PSICOMAGIA Ė s/t (CD El Paraiso Records)

Even without listening to the self-titled debut by Psicomagia I probably could have written a merely positive review just by reading the CDís promo letter. And of course a music critic cannot do this, but I must say that it is actually quite a while ago I last heard an awesome album like this. These four outings of ecstasy rather accurately describe, almost sketch, a concise history of seventies underground rock than that it tries to map undiscovered territories. El Memorioso takes of with an overload of Canterburian enthusiasm followed by the sweltering seventies rock of the 2 parts of El Congreso (both exceeding the 12 minute mark) whilst the jazzy Simplůn revives teutonic jazzrock once more. Psicomagia build their own universe, promising delirium through repetition, through creating endless complexity by only using simple yet mesmerizing layers of trance, fuzz, hypnosis....and they keep this promise. With jazzy kraut references, think Out of Focus-schwung, combined with some read aloud poetry this music is enriched with something I would describe as magical realism, a discovery of lost stories. The directions the Xhol-style organ takes are leading to great places, keeping a prominent role throughout these masterpieces. Heavy basslines, gliding tone scales, up and down, continuously keeping adrenaline levels at maximum. Psicomagia are Tyler Daughn, Brian Ellis, Paul Marrone and Trevor mast, whilst responsible for the Spanish poems is Bernando Nunez, here together with a mystery member. The awesome trip that is Psicomagia alone is worth buying their debut. To all you psychheads out there, check this one out. PvdG.