Pulse Emitter – Planetary Scale Synth Hypnosis (2CD Metal Postcard)


The Metal Postcard Label is run by Sean Hocking, who started it in Sydney in 2002 and now resides in Hong Kong. The label works outside the structures of the music industry and claims to be completely genre free with the sole criteria being to release artists with a high chance of being ignored. Chances indeed are that Pulse Emitter might just be one of those. The selected works on Planetary Scale Synth Hypnosis have been released before on several labels (Aguirre, Tranquility Tapes, Expansive, etc) and are now available as a celestial anthology on these 2 disks. Groetsch’s synths weaving fractal-like patterns, not unlike Pink Dot Ka Spel’s more ethereal laidback psychedelica, these synthesized and filtered air oscillations create a kind of artificial melancholia, in style sometimes not so different from Coil’s Time Machines, the pills containing cosmic psilocybin or like a precursor to Expo 70 but then without the guitar howls.  

To keep speaking in appropriate transcendental terms, it is not anywhere near, the place where Daryl Groetsch’s synthesized sounds dwell and to get to here, they must have passed through multiple wormholes to find fertile ground millions of lightyears away, only to paint these perfect kosmische wanderings. And it is this expansive nature of Daryl Groetsch’s compositions and their travel through space, the liquid synths seem to place exactly the right emphasis on how time dissolves all matter.  

Track titles like Longing Thresholds (part 1 and part 2), Spaceship, Nebula and The Palace of Love together with the syrupy chords envisioning randomly placed vectors like imaginary growing ice crystals help to build visceral images of developing depths in multiple dimensions. As with most of the Kosmische releases and other kaleidoscopic experiences, in which this music finds its main influences, sometimes it’s hit and sometimes it’s miss. Most of the offerings here however is imaginative craftsmanship by Groetsch forming the perfect scores for all your tantric meditations. PvdG.

Contact: metalpostcard.com