Stefano Pilia - Action Silence Prayers  (CD Die Shachtel)

The familiar sounds of a plaintive guitar releasing notes that are allowed to hang and decay in their own time. Stefano's subtle and slight use of a loop pedal (I bet it's that green one everyone over-uses) shows what can be done when things are stripped to the minimum. Its almost Zen-like approach forms an ambient album where the surface is never broken. The waves push through then recede with the aptly titled first track 'Sea' setting the tone of what is to come.  

When he plays the individual notes on the guitar it recalls the shimmering reverbed work you've probably done yourself. More interesting is the moment of change during the two-part 'Sky'. On Part Two his guitar twines with a sampled piano is like a ghost brought back but distinctively of another place. 

The final track 'Land' changes things further with its shimmering ambience. 

It's a somewhat disappointing album in that, although it makes no claims to be anything more than what it is, it could have been made by anyone. I don't hear what is uniquely Stefano Pilia. HM