pacificUV - Weekends (CD Mazarine Records)

After a wavering and somewhat insubstantial instrumental opener that hovers in the background like a mere wisp caught on a stream of air, the next song commences with the line, “This song is not for you” and, well, given what then follows, it serves as a pretty accurate summing up of the entire album. Combining vapid and lightweight mid-tempo electro-pop with that awful pop sheen many an indie group used to drown themselves in as they gazed moodily at their own footwear whilst playing, Weekends ultimately seems as though it beamed in from the late ‘80s via some contemporary production. Hazy tones and textures merge with breezy tunes, polite electronics and, ugh, dire vocoder-processed vocals like the half-formed mutant offspring of The Flaming Lips and Spectrum. Naturally, it is incredibly lazy of me to throw the names of other groups at the work of another artist, but no more or less so than whatever’s (not) holding the ideas hanging together here in the first place. So fucking shoot me. RJ.