Alexander Rishaug Ė Shadow of Events (CD Dekorder)

Alexander Rishaug is a musician/sound artist from Oslo and Shadow of Events is his third album.

Itís been recorded over a five year period and whilst youíd probably expect that to show differences in compositional style itís actually a fairly cohesive piece of work. 

Fundamentally itís an ambient album. Thereís a great deal here that owes something to both Brian Eno and Harold Budd. Thereís some lovely swathes of lush sustained piano and Fender Rhodes all echoing calmly  and creating soothing melodic patterns. These Rishaug overlays with more organic sounds in the shape of field recordings and also electronics and treated guitar.

When the pieces work they work really well. Unfortunately this isnít sustained throughout the album and some of the pieces whilst functioning well as sonic wallpaper perhaps need something a little more enticing to make you sit up and take notice of them rather than letting them drift past you in the background. DB