Claudio Rocchetti - Another Piece of Teenage Wildlife (CD Die Schachtel)

What a fine surprise. Claudio assembles a wide variety of tapes, field recordings, voices and electronics into an expansive soundscape where the sounds appear to evolve seamlessly from one another, complimenting the piece as a whole. One moment wide and cinematic, the next small and crinkled.  

Deconstructed the elements are simple and familiar in source, but thankfully he's avoided a single linear mood. Instead, where there is a mood, he'll undermine in it by juxtaposing it with something that oughtn't belong. Rather than making the work crumble, it enhances the  work by revealing the elements and thereby questioning why you perceive a particular sound as having one mood when, by adding or subtracting one element, the mood changes despite the main element being retained. If you see what I mean.

Sounds reversed, pianos play a melody, heavy processing combines with lack of processing. No, it doesn't end up in a mess. Quite the opposite. It's a laconic listen, allowing a pleasure in hearing the work as a whole while constantly 'shifting linguals' at its own pace.  

There is one track, the 14 minute 'I Miss You Like Hell', where Claudio lets the exquisitely constructed multi-layered drone fly. A beautiful swell and drift in the shimmering Sun. The birds twitter, the shimmer fades, the plucked strings bring a weight to the heart. Things take a dark turn when the squeals of guitars buzz and swoon, swaying form side to side. Over the course of the track the romantic shimmer has turned to drunken madness. Such is the life of the broken hearted.  It's a mini epic. 

And to think, Claudio emerged from the Italian straight-edge scene. Phew! HM