Emanuele de Raymondi - Buyukberber Variations  (CD ZerOkilled Music)

Debut from this Italian electronics artist who, over the ten cuts here, explores a world thatís impossible to pin to any one place. Rife with movement, all of these short pieces (lasting between 2 and 5 or so minutes each) lap at shores ranging from perhaps slightly more obvious ambient settings to those that have been shelled by clunking machinery-like sounds, spooky interstellar weirdness, robots unspooling their guts and signatures that appear to have been taken from Balkan folk music. Unlike so many other releases that climb from similar fissures, this spits out the dust they usually choke on in favour of courting something entirely new. It does not always work, as several of the juxtaposed ideas or looped refrains appear a little awkward or only half-realised, but in spite of this Buyukberber Variations smells so fresh itíd be a crying shame not to hear what else Emanuele de Raymondi has tucked up his sleeve. Cinematic, organic and positively buoyant, this album is literally bursting its seams with appeal. Available in a killer vinyl edition, too. Wish I could afford it. RJ.

Contact: www.zerokilledmusic.com