Pietro Riparbelli/K11 Ė Radio Drama Collapse (CD Radical Matters)

Pietro Riparbelli seems to be cropping up a lot around here. We only reviewed a couple of other releases he was on recently and here is again on this limited edition release from Italyís Radical Matters label.

Radio Drama is an interesting album and concept. The source material for all of these tracks is radio signals from around the world recorded it appears by other notable names such as Strange Attractor, Bad Sector, Gruppo Psicofonico etc.

The result of these recordings that Pietro has processed is nine tracks and a 45 minute long album. The concept around which the album is based is in Pietroís own words . ďA concept album created and focused on the Esoteric side of electromagnetic activities (ITC, EVP and trans-dimensional phenomena) all around us. I donít think that EVP etc has been used as the source materials I believe the sources are all regular, easily available radio sounds but I guess Pietro is trying to conjure up the esoteric qualities that radio can bring.

In all it works rather well. I was quite dubious before I put the CD on as often when radio is used in experimental music it is often short wave sounds or number stations and it becomes rather samey sounding and clichťd. Thatís not to say there arenít short wave sounds in these 9 pieces but there is a variety I wasnít expecting. You could almost place pieces into genres:  drone, noise, minimalism etc and this variation keeps the album interesting and successful from start to finish.

Whether or not it achieves its goals of trying to convey the esoteric side of electro magnetic activities I canít say but as an album of experimental music itís more than successful. DB

Contact: www.radicalmatters.com