RLW & SRMeixner -  Just Like a Flower When Winter Begins (CD Monotype)

Eleven collaborative pieces recorded over a three year period between 2010 and 2013 by Stephen Meixner, usually found at home in Contrastate, and Ralf Wehowsky, who since his days in P16.D4 has long been delving deep into the universe of musique concrete composition. Given how both these sound explorers already operate it is perhaps inevitable that Just Like a Flower… proves itself to be a high-calibre listening experience, rife in alchemical patterns, ravaged segments and withering digital weirdness binding everything together. Effective, evocative and often quite disturbing, it perfectly illustrates just how well matched these two artists are when it comes to prodding at the possibilities of the studio once given a concept to sink their teeth into. I often say it, but this is precisely where contemporary psychedelic music should be at. Wonderful.  RJ.

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