Rapoon – Dust of Souls  (CD Zoharum)


Zoharum continue with their re-issuing of Rapoon albums. Dust of Souls is somewhat of a rarity. It was originally released in 2019 by Hong Kong based Ultra Mail Productions in a very limited run of only 100 copies. Each copy included a handmade artwork created on a piece of sandpaper. Unsurprisingly the release sold out quickly leaving many Rapoon fans empty handed and disappointed. So this reissue is a welcome addition to the Zoharum catalogue. 

Dust of Souls contains 8 tracks which vary in style taking in most of the themes and influences of previous Rapoon releases from over the years.

There are some clearly very Zoviet-France elements going on in parts with ambient soundscapes and the more ethnic sounding instrumentation that Robin used whilst in Zoviet-france and then continued using more extensively in his own solo Rapoon work.

But overall, I find this album a bit hit and miss. Yes there’s great moments on it, Shadow and Voice opens the album with its heavy reverb and delay giving it a very Zoveit-france-ish start but then after a good enjoyable 9 minutes of this it veers off into East Asian instrumentation that should have been left as a separate track as the sudden change in sound and feel doesn’t work.  The fifth piece Where Angels Weep has the opposite problem, it opens with a rather uninspiring piano piece going over some electronics but then after five minutes moves into more ambient textures with an eastern flavoured drone that makes the piece far more palatable for me. The pieces where these sudden unexpected changes are absent work best and the flow of them nicely envelops you.

I’m pleased to have got to hear this and the really good moments outweigh the less pleasurable ones. DB

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