Rapoon – The Kirghiz Light (3 x CD Zoharum)

Robin Storey has been a very prolific artist since he left Zoviet-France over 20 years ago. If his current rate of working still isn’t enough for you then there’s the comprehensive re-issue program that Zoharum are undertaking to get your teeth into.

The only mention of the Kirghiz Light that I am aware of is from “Gravity’s Rainbow” by Thomas Pynchon. A hard going, if rewarding, huge work.  Fortunately this album is the very opposite of that. Still rewarding but not particularly hard going.

It was originally released as a double album by Staalplaat in 1995 a few years after Robin Storey left Zoviet-France. As such it still has traces of Zoviet –france’s template sounds, the sample and hold that Z-f where/are so fond of and the dreaming trippy reverb. Over all that though is the ethnic percussive sounds that Rapoon became so known for.

This is a three disc re-issue. The third extra disc is “Our Calling Light.” This is new works made by using the original demos for Kirghiz Light as the source material and creating something new.

It’s a nice concept to create something new from these demos but I’m not sure how much it adds to what is already a fairly complete sounding album. It’s more of a nice to have than a need to have and much of it does sound like it’s not finished work. I think, given how hard the original of this album is to find, that I’d have been happy with a straight reissue. DB

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