Rella The Woodcutter - I Know When It’s Time to Get the Fuck Away ( CDEP Boring Machines)

Something like the fifth solo release by this Italian songwriter formerly known for his involvement with The Rotten Wine Company, bringing together five songs of a very agreeable psychedelia-strewn folk nature. As with much such music produced these days, there’s a downtrodden, bitter and scuffed edge clearly, in this case, resulting from someone a little beat up by life itself, but the music casts light into those corners where positivity can also be found shuffling along. ‘Are You Expired?’ moves from the opening cut’s fantastic clarinet-led instrumental psych-sprawl to a lolling beast of a tune that sets the tone for the remaining three, although it is third cut, ‘Coward’, that stands out for its powerful and bare-faced strummery. With his penchant for a layered approach and dashes of experimentation, Rella the Woodcutter’s work has much going for it in these unsettled times. Time to investigate the albums. RJ