Eugene S. Robinson &Philippe Petit – Last of the Dead Hot Lovers (CD Truth Cult)

Within the first seconds of Last of the Dead Hot Lovers, Petit’s latest collaboration with Eugene Robinson, it is unmistakenly Petit we’re listening to. We are immediately back in his shimmery fairytale world, and again oh so soon that universe is not what it seems, and it gets bended in many strange ways. The fairytale is one of love lost, and get’s told in 2 acts ; “Dinner Done” and “Going Going Gone”. Petit once more teams up with Oxbow’s frontman Eugene S. Robinson, with whom he earlier worked together on The Crying of Lot 69, here to create a theatrical diptych, told in 2 acts.    

Bells, cymbals, piano strikes, clicks and other debris sounds create the uncomfortable setting of the stories told. On the love side, called Dinner Done, Robinson is in a dialogue with Kasia Meow (of Terrible Disease from Poland) and mutual reproaching is drawing the typical final stages of a relationship. Keywords evoked by the 2 scene’s atmosphere are frustration and hatred, and the point of no return has been passed a long time ago.       

The dinner develops laboriously and with time passing, we are slowly and uncomfortably getting involved in it. Petit’s soundscape, in the beginning so perfectly arranged to set the scene, more and more becomes background paint, and only some of the returning clicks are there to remind us we are only viewing (albeit in a perverse way) a drama unfolding  rather than taking part in it.  

On the lost side most is set and done. Accompanied by a penetrating yet beautiful drone all love that once was present is gone and where it was hatred on side one that took its place, on side 2 there is nothing more than acquiescence, if anything of a dialogue is present, its words are meaningless, non-existent, and with the ending of act #2 a lot of good things come to an end. PvdG.