Minoru Sato (m/s, SASW) + Asuna - Texture in Glass Tubes and Ree Organ (CD Spekk)

A simple architectural elegance of clarity and precision. At one minute intervals another harmonic state of uniform length is introduced to build the structure, and one by one they drop away for a minute each until they return again, one by one.

The interaction between the straight organic sound of reed organ and the pulsing crystal tones of the glass tubes create, through some finely balanced mixing, a more complex sound that carries the weight of tones well. Don't confuse the 40 minute piece 'Superimposing Five Harmonic States' as being one of stillness. There is an undercurrent of flutter and a touch of coarseness which has a constant sense of movement within the confines of composition.

The tone of the organ pressed against the ear, imposing itself too literally. So I turned it up loud and went into the other room, the sound pushing down the hallway, softened and reformed by the acoustics of walls. Each room is a unique space. Do what you will with the original source. Our environments are unique opportunities for sound installations.

The second track, the 20 minute 'Weaving Seven Resonances with Raw Stereo Material', has a compositional structure of its own. In contrast to the previous track the resulting recording is one of soft drift tones. This one is the glint of colour; the one that shines a light through the gauze. It shows us what lays at the heart of the album - structure, method, composition are things that, ultimately, are not of consequence but a means to understand what is already there. It's a way of seeing and hearing again what we have already experienced but to experience it as if it was the first time. 

The photograph on the front cover by Mondii is particularly apt. A focus on a few grass blades with the other wild grass of lush green nature out of focus. There are two methods of working - analyse one small element at a time, or understand the whole in an holistic way. For me the first track was like a microscope looking at one small thing in all its complexity, whereas the second track saw things holistically and revealed the real magic of it all.

The cd is housed, appropriately elegantly, in a sturdy card folder with useful sleeve notes by Minoru. HM

Contact: www.spekk.net