SANKT OTTEN - Sequencer Liebe (CD Denovali )

Something like the seventh album by this German electronic group who appear to have gravitated away from their nocturnal electronica of the past towards, here, music which owes much to those who doubtlessly helped inspired them to begin with. All eight cuts are typically instrumental and hewn chiefly from synths that, buoyed along by the occasional guitar and given extra muscle through the use of programmed drums, recall Ď70s masters such as Klaus Schulze, the late Conrad Schnitzler, Moebius and, indeed, Tangerine Dream themselves. As such, nothing here will surprise you especially, but I donít suppose thatís the point. Instead, one is left feeling that this serves as some kind of homage to such travellers in electronic music. What you, as a listener, might then glean from it all depends on whether or not you enjoy such music in the first place. Personally, I find it all a little dated, despite the production, but Iím pleased that these boys have produced something heartfelt and completely devoid of the irony many such contemporary flirts with such electronic music swathe it in. Fair play. RJ