Scald Rougish - Bytreqw (CD Icasea)

Veteran electro-head Chris Douglas's (Dalglish, O.S.T amongst others) 2nd Scald Rougish project after last years cassette only double Bardachd / Auen Ansici . And what a monster it is, mining similar terrain as Autechre, or rather take an Autechre piece, slice it into a thousand pieces and reassemble at random. Douglas's fevered mind uses loops, synths,sequencers and drum machine to create his apocalyptic "anti dance" techno, the sound of atoms colliding maybe, in a machine run chaos. On pieces like "Spwfa" and closer "Laihegaine" (yep all titles are some undecipherable mix of gaelic and computer language) things take on a more dystopian black ambience that will shudder your brain as well as your speaker cabinets. Despite the chaos and clinical electronics however, this does come across as a deeply personal and intense statement, delivered by the hand of a master of his trade. FJK.