Selvedge - Mutiny (Cassette Mystic Timbre)

In a short period of time Selvedge has released five albums. Each one shows a progression not only in sound but in scope. ‘Mutiny’, the third since ‘Don’t Sweat Infinity’ feels like the strongest to date. Over 35-minutes Selvedge crafts diaphanous sound collages that are underpinned by hulking basslines. At first your ears are drawn to the bass, but it’s the glistening melodies that are the star of the show. ‘Universe Next Door’ exemplifies this. The basslines are unrelenting, but the way Selvedge crafts a barrage of cascading synths that mutate throughout demonstrates a deft touch and cunning ear.  

‘Night Eyes’ opens with stark synths and a dark bassline. As that brooding heap builds more steam an aggressive melody explodes from the speakers. It feels like a dance anthem for the misrepresented. It's a call to arms for techno nihilists. As the song continues along its way the malcontentedly melodies grow and grow until they are tsunami sized, boring out of the speakers, and annihilating anything in their path.

‘Mutiny’ is a dub album dressed up as an electronic one. The basslines are big and heavy. They decimate everything in their path. However, this is not always a good thing as Selvedge often has created inventive soundscapes that get pushed to one side as soon as the big hits. Luckily, the tempo is low, so we do get chances to hear the captivating melodies before another surging wave hits. Listen to ‘Rolled’ and you’ll see what I mean.

Ultimately ‘Mutiny’ is a fun album that doesn’t take itself too seriously. There is enough going on that make repeat listens a pleasure as you can find something new you might have missed the last time, but there does come a time when it does all start to drag a bit. When this happens, switch to something else immediately and come back to this sometime later. If you keep on listening to it then a mutiny will take place for your speakers and Selvedge might be cast overboard. NR.