Setoladimaiale Unit & Evan Parker -  Live at Angelica 2018 (CD Setola Di Maiale)


Six mighty improv collaborations helmed by Setoladimailale’s founder/drummer Stefano Giust. As possibly expected from an ensemble of eight people driven by various strings, wind instruments, piano, electronics and voice, whose collective background has been formed by jazz, electroacoustic music and modern classical, “Live at Angelica 2018”, recorded for the 25th anniversary of the Setola Di Maiale label in Bologna, Italy, the music here is mostly unsettling and explosive. It’s not an especially easy listen, despite the cleverly nuanced approach where intensity often gives way to passages that rumble and scrape by like those moments when a terrible hangover lifts and it feels like being reborn. On one hand, it’s a firm, avant-garde sledgehammer to an already battered cranium, and on the other it’s hard not to completely appreciate not only the great playing here, but also the uncomfortable spaces it compels us to traverse. Philip Corner and Phoebe Neville appear on the intro as well, playing gongs in a manner perfect for the setting to follow. RJ