Silver Pyre - AeXE (CD Sedgemoor Recordings)

Thereís a lot of looking backwards on AeXe the first album by Silver Pyre. The influences and sounds that English musicians such as David Sylvian and John Foxx were making in the late 70s and early 80s come through very strongly. 

I think itís possibly quite a bold statement Silver Pyre are making here by wearing their influences so clearly on their sleeves. The template set by the likes of Foxx and Sylvian or Japan is so uniquely their own that producing something that references that so obviously is either very brave or very fool hardy.  But Silver Pyre have produced an album with some incredibly strong songs that make what they are do sit alongside those afore mentioned artists as well as still sounding relevant 30 years later.

Silver Pyre is actually the work of one man namely Gary Fawle and Aexe is the result of three yearsí worth of work. Tom Bug (of Bugbrand synths who make some incredible little (and some large) synths) has had a hand in this producing some of the additional sounds. The use of the Bugbrand synths perhaps explaining why the synth sounds are fairly removed from the standard type of patches you would expect these days.

There are a few moments on here that could be described as the highlights of the album. Born Metallic, Harvest and Calendar are the strongest pieces all relying on a synth motif with metallic sound drum samples as the basis for the piece and overlaid with Garyís quintessentially English sounding voice. 

Overall I would hesitate to place this in the electronica genre but I think thatís where it is likely to be found but to me it straddles a number of genres and is an album Iíve returned to over and over again during the last few weeks. DB.