Sion Orgon Ė Zsigmondy Experience (CD Lumberton Trading)

This is to the best of my knowledge only my second ever exposure to the work of Sion Orgon. The first was his contribution to the Autumn Blood compilation that was also on the Lumberton label. I didnít enjoy Sion Organís track on that occasion and from what I can gather  he wasnít too happy about that  SoÖ.. heíll be pleased to know that I found this album a far more satisfying experience.

Itís very much a grower of an album. It took me three or four listens before it really started to make much of an impact on me but once it did and it started to take hold it really became something I wanted to come back to and dig deeper into.

Itís hard to put some sort of reference on this as to a large extent it occupies a little niche of its own but if pushed I would have to reference those more difficult listening groups of the seventies like Gentle Giant or King Crimson. While not actually sounding that much like these groups it somehow, to these ears at least, has a feel about it that makes it slot nicely in with where they were coming from.  At the same time to relate it to something more contemporary you can see similarities to the work of Thighpaulsandra in there. (Thighpaulsandra makes an appearance on Some Bitch Stole My Umbrella, Iím assuming the lyrics are also by him).

Iím not going to go through the album track by track but thereís a mix of a large amount of experimental elements and the creation of atmosphere that sometimes lead into more traditional sounding song structures. Nowhere is this more prominent than the third track ďPaper Wings.Ē  A twelve minute long piece that starts off sounding like an AMM outtake and mutates into a very beautiful almost Sigur Ros-ish piece with voice, piano, violin and percussion.  I would love to hear Sion Orgon produce an album of tracks based on these few minutes of this track.

Overall a highly challenging but impressive release. From having been totally underwhelmed by the track on Autumn Blood Iím now more than impressed by this album. Iím slightly confused by the large amounts of teeth related pictures that are on the cover and the booklet but Iím sure thereís a reason for them. DB