Splintered - Moraine (CD Fourth Dimension)

A reissued (and to a degree reworked) Moraine. Originally released only on vinyl, now finally on CD. This was the final Splintered album ( the follow up album being a collaboration with RLW) and was always my favourite Splintered release. As my vinyl version is sitting in a box somewhere in a storage unit the arrival of this CD version was much appreciated.

Moriane was the sound of a band arriving at the destination they had been heading for all along and getting there with a big fanfare and celebration. From the deep sounding guitar heavy sounds of the debut Parapraxis and right through to Moriane Splintered kept on developing and adding elements to their pieces. Moriane being the culmination of this. The first piece Flagellum Dei starts with radio, synth filter sweeps and ambient piano and manages to maintain your interest for nearly 7 minutes until a torrent of distorted heavy guitar decides to join in and begin the build up to an aural pummelling once the drums and vocals appear. Giving the track a nod towards Kevin Martinís God.

The second piece Humayun is a reworked piece for this reissue. Not having the vinyl here I canít compare the two but from what I can gather itís been slightly reworked by Sion Organ and Stuart Carter. It carries on from where Flagellum left off. The guitar still pounding away but with rather more feedback behind it and the vocals a touch higher in the mix. The more ambient elements are less obvious with this piece and thereís some sax playing by James Machin that fits in really well with the overall feel of the track. The piece winds to a conclusion with some found radio leading in to a drone based element tying it all nicely back to the beginning of the album.

With this reissue we get a bonus track which is a five minute piece by Band of Pain who take the original two tracks as source material and make something out of them that is completely different. An experimental mix of things going faster than they were or backwards and probably even sideways. Itís more Nurse With Wound than Splintered but is a good way to wind down from the intensity of the previous two pieces and ease out of the album. DB.

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