Steamboat Switzerland / Michael Wertmüller - Zeitschrei (CD Trost) 

Pretty straightforward pop album, in which pop here is to be understood as an abbreviation for prog organ project, and it would be straightforward if one gets to deal with albums like this regularly. This is mindblowing outsiders rock of the best in its kind, and at the same time a very energetic one as well, think Robert Wyatt on speed. For me this is also an example of a Swiss quality product, perfectly sketching claustrophobic hallucinations of mountains, caves with no exit and time passing relentless, and all with the accuracy of an atomic clock. Summarized this is 37 minutes of organ mayhem, that comes hidden as a horrendous mix of diluted proggy patterns and dire projections of symphonic art together developing into ever evolving surges of hyperventilation.

The actual title of this disk is Steamboat Switzerland play Zeitschrei by Michael Wertmüller and although Wertmüller is a well respected drummer himself (he plays in Peter Brötzman’s Full Blast Outfit), this is not the case on Zeitschrei, on which Wertmüller’s compositions are played by Dominik Blum on the Hammond C3 organ, Marino Pliakas on ebass and Lucas Niggli on drums. Overall feel is that these 3 guys are in a competition where aspiration, perspiration and irritation meet and compete for attention between organ washouts, complex bass loops and just general hypertension developing into a clean-cut insanity.  

Continuing the speedy ride, it feels as if the tempo gets faster and faster, up to the moment that the listener cannot follow any longer whereto the duals of insanity and schizoid assaults are leading to, and lost in the vortex rest me nothing more to say that this record got me absolutely captivated. PvdG.