STRINGS OF CONSCIOUSNESS – From Beyond Love (CD Staubgold)


The fourth album by this project helmed by Philippe Petit and Herve Vincenti given to including guest vocalists on each song. The five cuts here weave themselves sonically between a subtle and mature enough take on noise-rock and a seedy, late night jazz-saturated and film noir-ish world where anything can happen at any given time and most likely won’t be too pleasant. Opening song, ‘The Drone Beyond Love’, embellished by cello and organ as well as Julie Christmas’s almost Joanna Newsom-like vocals, is something of a dreary plodder that doesn’t bode well for matters beyond, but thankfully things pick up afterwards. Andria Degens (ex-C93, Pantaleimon) fronts ‘Sleepwalker’, which maintains the slow-mo approach through a kind of noise-rock not so distant from Live Skull’s work, Graham Lewis takes on ‘Bugged’ and a lighter avant-pop sensibility driven accordingly by Andy Diagram’s melancholic trumpet swirls, and Cosey Fanni Tutti joins several musicians together playing all from Tibetan bowls and electric harp to turntables on a nicely disturbed delve into a Lynchian domain standing as one of the album’s highlights. Last track, ‘Hurt Is Where The Home Is’, sees the return of Petit collaborators Lydia Lunch and Eugene S. Robinson adding their ravaged poetry to a backdrop of piano, bass, sine wave, pads, bowed guitar, programmed drums and suchlike that cranks up the nightmare-scape to even greater heights, proving once again that it is in such work that Strings Of Consciousness truly excel. RJ