Strom Noir & Micromelancolie - 49°05'19,3"N22°34'04,0'E (CD Zoharum)


I’m not familiar with Strom Noir, the name given to this project by Slovakian artist Emil Matko, but Poland’s Robert Skrzynski, operating as Micromelancolie, has long been producing the kinda electronic music that’s on the right side of being interesting. Here, they deliver two lengthy tracks of neatly hewn ambient haze not a hundred miles away from Eliane Radigue’s work, but is embedded with field recordings and sounds so tiny and subtle one only really notices them when this is cranked up more or listens on ‘phones. They serve as a nice offset to what could otherwise have just been another ‘ambient music by numbers’ release, although it’d have been good to have had some of these disparate sounds being slightly more obtrusive once in a while…but that’s just my preference speaking out. As it stands, this is a solid release and, indeed, serves as a great pointer to the many tricks Robert has up his sleeves, at least. RJ.