Susumu Yokota – Dreamer (CD Lo Recordings)

Yokota has been releasing experimental ambient music albums for quite some time now as a sort of parallel career to his other occupation as a house music DJ. He works under various pseudonyms such 246, Anima Mundi, Ebi, Frankfurt-Tokio-Connection, Prism and more but Yokota is probably him at his most well known.

Dreamer mixes up Eastern influences and electronica in what could in the wrong hands sound like a tired, clichéd and uninspiring album. However Yokota manages in the most part to pull it off. The main emphasis here is on the more dancey, electronica element of things the Eastern flavours adding textures and interest rather than trying to dominate the pieces.

There are the sounds of Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze and other 70s synth groups (think the more sequenced moments of Tangerine Dream) in here all coming together with more modern rhythms and chord stabs to give it a distantly 2012 feel. It’s all fairly laid back and at ease with itself nothing too frantic and manic. There are a couple of tracks on here, in the middle of the album, where the Eastern flavour of things is the only element and you get some distinctly Oriental sounding pieces and this provides a nice contrast/break to the more electronica angle of the rest of the album.

It’s not a perfect album, there’s a couple of tracks where things sound a little dated but those are few and far between and for a first taste of what Yokota does it’s definitely an album that encourages you to delve a little deeper into his back catalogue. DB