The Spits - V (CD In The Red Recordings)

The eighth album by this US skate punk group who are purportedly furrowing a “space age mutant” take on their chosen medium through the occasional employment of random bloops and bleeps and distorto vocals. Having not paid attention to anything of this ilk since the mid-‘80s myself, it’s difficult to now muster enthusiasm towards anything from a genre that began to feel tired and pointless even then. Added to this is a buzzsaw guitar-anchored garage sensibility, which renders the proceedings even more redundant. Only on the final song, ‘Last Man on Earth’, does everything move a few degrees away from territory The Vandals were once foraging (and possibly still are), as there’s greater emphasis on some analogous electronic splurge instead of the clichéd and, these days, even more wholly pointless hardcore punk. RJ