Darren Tate - A Strange Artifact (CDr Fungal)

As ever, a terrific set of artworks by Darren for the release. His use of paint (inks?) on textured paper has an organic, earthy nature to it, like they've been dug out of the ground or found as etchings carved and smeared into ancient rock. It's frustrating to see these beautiful images reproduced on the stupid cd size cover. I'd love to see his work presented in all its glory as a book or better still in an exhibition. 

It's the second pressing of an album that originally came out as a cdr in 2004, this time with 'better' artwork (alright, my judgement but compare them and you'll see what I mean.) The 40 minute track revolves around a simple few notes that knock back and forth on the accordion, like it's being played by a puppet. Playful and good humoured it stands out from the rest of his discography. As a little grinding sound runs through the background, the accordion remains oblivious, happily squeezing out the notes here and there as it ambles along in its own time.  

There's none of the tonal work here, so if your partial to grumpiness, this won't be to your liking. I likes it. 

Limited edition of 70 copies. Available via Colin Potter's ICR website. HM

Contact: http://www.icrdistribution.com/