:Take: - S/T (CDEP three:four)

As with the ever expanding universe theoretically there will always be place for new stars to arise, albeit in increasingly undense air, this work by French composer Jerome Boutinot perfectly fits in the ever growing list of droning guitar finger picking. On the first tracks the approach is clean, not cold with the more melodic approach of say Charalambides, towards the end things become more abstract and also more interesting.

Whereas improv can often sound sterile, here the powerful aspect comes while avoiding the path of staccato string picking, here chords are played and left in the mix to go on forever it seems, creating a wealth of tones and overtones. The recipe followed seems to be the same on all four tracks, a constant dueling between droning electronics and gentle electric guitar arpeggio. The 100% instrumental dialogues resulting from these interactions range from intriguing to highly enjoyable. 4 tracks filling a 20 minute EP by a French composer leaving you wanting for more. PvdG

Contact: www.three-four.net