Teeth of the Sea Ė Master (CD Rocket Recordings)

Teeth of Sea have always been adept at taking disparate elements such as Krautrock, noise, trumpet stabs and an almost New Romantic library of synth lines and blending it all together to come up with fresh and innovative pieces of music.

That eclectic blend continues on Master their third album (and first for nearly three years) with a slight shifting of the placing of some elements of their sound. Jimmy Martinís guitar is pegged back a bit here on Master and the synths given more prominence. Thatís not to say the guitar doesnít still have a huge importance to the overall sound, the reverb heavy solos particularly on a track like ďLederĒ add an important amount of weight to the pieces but itís equally refreshing to see that Teeth of the Sea are not a band that are content to rest on their laurels and continue to move forward and grow.

During the gap between the second album Your Mercury and Master, Teeth of the Sea were involved in some specially commissioned soundtrack work and that cinematic feel  and atmosphere that they must have had to conjure up for those commissions has seeped quietly happily into the majority of Master. Black Strategy, more than any other track, feels like a film soundtrack condensed into a single piece with its building up, itís peaks, itís descents and its overall tenseness.

What endures me most to Teeth of the Sea is the previously mentioned ability to put together unusual elements. The track Pleiades Underground is a prime example of this with its lush stringy synth beginnings giving way to some almost Death meal guitar work .

Itís hard to pick out the real highlights of this album there isnít any filler here but if I had to pick one Iíd have to go for Responder with its captivating psychedelic horn stabs that, for me, push it to the top of the pile.

A great release from Teeth of the Sea and one that shows other bands that, that ďdifficult third albumĒ doesnít need to be so difficult after all. DB.

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