Tele.S.Therion - Untitled (CDr Paradigms Recordings)

Tele.S.Therion is the collaborative work of Italian sound artists Pietro Riparbelli/K11 and Sandro Gronchi. and although I  heard, reviewed and enjoyed their Nature Unveiled tribute album I was unsure as to whether or not they could take the same formula and make more than one enjoyable album or if the methods they used were only going to be able to allow them to produce one and then it would start to seem rather repetitive.

This album shows that they have the ability to take the same themes and ideas but make them different enough to make more than one recording seem a worthwhile investment.

As with the Nature Unveiled album the description of  instruments used is quite in depth. You get things such as “Phone-medianic recording sessions of electric bass guitar prepared with metal coils amplified in environmental feedback system using 13 speakers and microphones” etc etc.

But what does it all actually sound like…. As with the Nature Unveiled album there is quite a lot of short blasts of distortion, presumably from the bass being played or slapped. And added to that is more unidentifiable sounds of short wave, and field recordings.

There’s also more vocals on this than I remember there being on the Nature Unveiled album. Generally in what I would describe as a Black Metal style of growl or a chant. It’s a difficult album though to put in a genre. It’s bordering on being a noise album but the vocals move it towards black metal. “Black noise” maybe?

The highlight of this album has to be track 5. It’s slow Sunn0))) like bass notes are overlaid with feedback that come at you for 6 minutes until the whole piece gives way to a couple of minutes of slow ambient ethereal distant sounds. The most perfect piece on the album.

It’s not something you’d put on to relax to it’s an album that demands your attention and I’m not the world’s biggest fan of Black Metal vocals so for me personally I’d probably have put less of them on here but it’s certainly an album that I’ve found myself putting in the Cd player a number of times to listen to again. I’d be interested to see what else Tele.S.Therion can do with their set up and look forward to finding more recordings by them in the future. DB