Thisquietarmy and Scott Cortez - Meridians (LP three:four records)

Interesting situation. The album is available on vinyl to be played at 45 but can be played at 33. Ours is a cd promo. So what speed is this? Maybe 45. Even at this pace it's a slow, brooding. swelling drift. At 33 the sheer weight of the low tones may cause cracks in cement.

The project undertaken by Erich Quach and Scott Cortez involved beginning work at a particular time despite being separated by 1000 miles. Each recorded 3 layers of single (guitar) strings and then sent them to each other to work on each others' recording. Postal recording like the good old days.

The resulting recordings of side-long tracks are surprisingly cohesive. The resulting smooth toned drones undulate and shift, producing an environment of thoughtfulness. It moves around a lot for a dreamlike album.

As is the norm with drones albums these days it's drenched in reverb. Softness and blur is equated with mood. A notion I'd like questioned. But their heart is in the sound and it's full of grace.

I understand the vinyl edition is limited to 500 copies and comes with a silkscreened cover. HM